Walking Mountains' Backyard Nature Challenge
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Walking Mountains' Backyard Nature Challenge

Exploring for Macroinvertebrates

Backyard Nature Challenge! Exploring for Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Let’s get outdoors with a few tools and our curiosity and explore for aquatic macroinvertebrates. Now is a great time, while the ice and snow in the rivers and streams are melting, to take an up-close look at the critters living there. Can you find any macroinvertebrates attached to rocks in the stream or try to identify what kind of bug they are? About the Walking Mountains Backyard Nature Challenge: As we practice social distancing during turbulent times, we shouldn't stop learning and exploring. When exploring through the Backyard Nature Challenges, please treat humans like wildlife... give them their space! Below, follow our Backyard Nature Challenges updated daily for new adventures to do at home or in your backyard (ie. backyard, neighborhood, balcony, open-space nearby). These challenges come from our incredible Education Staff working to teach even during this time. You can follow our Facebook Page (@walkingmtns) to interact live with other community members and our staff.


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